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The Evolving Customer: Profile of a Winner

What makes some businesses rise above the rest in the ‘next normal’? What are they doing that other businesses aren’t? How are they transforming their organisations? What successes are they achieving through transformation? What are the key enablers of their success?

The PwC EMEA Customer Transformation team set out to answer those questions through a wide-ranging survey of the organisations that are ‘winning’ in the marketplace. Our definition for a winning organisation is two-fold: one, they see growth in a disrupted market; and two, they are achieving the objectives they set out at the beginning of their transformations. The big takeaway? Winning organisations are well advanced in their digital and customer transformation journeys. But the key success factor is that they’re making the right investments, breaking down silos and integrating capabilities to deliver the services their customers want.

The only way to do this is through investing in Digital Transformation. It’s not only necessary to remain competitive: it delivers growth opportunities to the business, even in times of crisis.

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